AZS Poznań celebrates 100th anniversary

AZS Poznań celebrates 100th anniversary

Poznan University Sports Association (AZS Poznan) celebrated its 100th anniversary with a glamorous Gala event at the University of Adam Mickiewicz Aula, where a number of individuals were recognised for their excellence and contribution.

The history of Poznan University Sports Association (AZS Poznan) dates back to 1919, when the founding meeting of the new organisation took place on November 5th at the Wszechnica Piastowska – University of The Piasts, today’s Adam Mickiewicz University.

Over the past 100 years, AZS Poznan has flourished and grown on various levels, having supported the creation of sports associations in Greater Poland Voivodeship, not limiting its actions solely to university sports, but also actively contributing to professional and youth sport.

Nowadays, AZS in Poznan is one of the largest and strongest sport organisations in Poland, having two professional clubs (AZS Poznan and AZS within Poznan University of Physical Education) and 20 university clubs that exist in Greater Poland.

At Saturday’s Gala in University of Adam Mickiewicz Aula, AZS Poznan was able to reflect on their major milestones over the past century, thanking everyone who supported university sport throughout all those years. For this activity AZS Poznan received the Great Seal of the City of Poznan, awarded by the Mayor Mr Jacek Jaskowiak.


Poznan 100 year Gala event

Many prominent figures were present at the Gala, which included speeches from several important stakeholders including Mr Grzegorz Wojtasz – Director of Department of Foreign Affairs in Greater Poland Voivodship Council; Mr Jedrzej Solarski, Vice-president of the City of Poznan; Mr Tomasz Lodygowski, Rector of Poznan University of Technology; Mr Andrzej Krasnicki, President of Polish Olympic Committee; Mr Marian Dymalski, FISU Vice-president; Mr Alojzy Nowak, President of AZS Poland; and many other representatives of sport associations and organisations.

During the Gala, expressions of recognition for outstanding sports careers were awarded to Ms Anna Jagaciak-Michalska, an athlete specialising in long jump and triple jump, and to Mr Bartosz Kolecki, one of the most outstanding competitors of taekwondo at AZS Poznan. Several other awards were presented at the Gala as well, including the medal of the National Education Commission, Badges of Merit for Sport, Badges of Honour for services to the Greater Poland Voivodeship, Medal for Merit to the Olympic Movement, Merits in the Development of Academic Sport as well as gold and silver AZS badges.


Poznan 100 year Gala prize winners

The climax of the official part of the Gala was the announcement of the best athlete and the best coach in the 100-year history of AZS Poznan. Mr Czeslaw Cybulski was named the best coach in AZS Poznan history, and Mr Szymon Ziolkowski was announced as the best athlete.