Ready to organize FISU Futsal WUC in 2021!

Ready to organize FISU Futsal WUC in 2021!

Interview by Kacper Czarnota with Tomasz Szponder – Chairman & Piotr Kus – Sports Director of the Organizing Committee of the 17th FISU World University Futsal Championship.


Kacper Czarnota: Several weeks ago, in March, the Organizing Committee had to accept the FISU decision, that Futsal WUC planned in Poznan for 2020 are cancelled or postponed. Had you already expected such decision then?

Tomasz Szponder: Cancellation/postponing of the Championship was not a sudden news to our OC, as day after day we were following all tragic news about the spread of the COVID-19, and with each day we were more and more aware that approaching this difficult, but the only possible and rightful decision was closer. Our disappointment is huge, but all members of the OC are fully convinced that health of participants is the greatest value and that every great and important sport event, Olympic Games and WUC included, can be held only in safe time and environment. Thus, we are now waiting patiently until the danger disappears and the conditions for practicing high level sports will be regained in the whole World. We are more than ready to organize the postponed Futsal WUC in the first moment possible. We strongly believe that FISU, after detailed, wise and careful analyses, will let us organize one of their most important WUCs in Poznan, possibly in the Summer of 2021. It is worth mentioning that until the beginning of February 2020 the FISU Online Accreditation System registered the huge number of 29 General Entries sent by the NUSFs from all around the World! Futsal is very popular between students!


KCz: Does the Organizing Committee continue its work then?

Piotr Kus: The Organizing Committee decided not to dissolve. We have already put much efforts and much money into organization of the WUC in July 2020 and we continue working. Following the decision to cancel/postpone the Championship, many reservations that we already made had to be cancelled too: in the hotels, restaurants and canteens, sports halls, places of parties and official ceremonies. We had administrative costs and paid some non-refundable invoices in advance. We terminated the agreements concluded already with local transport operators and with many other institutions, including Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan University of Technology and the Polish Football Association, our most important and strategic partners. However, we stay in touch with all of them, ready to negotiate next agreements and next contracts for – it is our strong belief – the organization of WUC in 2021.


KCz: What are the other activities of the OC now?

TS: The OC conducts weekly meetings via Skype, as our Government still strongly advises people in Poland to stay at their homes. We are trying to reschedule our plans and we are actively waiting for the crisis and the pandemic to pass. We are happy to hear that almost all of our volunteers, recruited for Futsal WUC in July 2020, are ready to work for the Event should it be if postponed by FISU to the same period of 2021. The whole Organizing Committee, the dedicated group of fourteen people, strongly believes that our hope and our dream of hosting in Poznan the best students playing futsal, will soon come true again.

PK: Let me only add that have experience of hosting Futsal World University Championship in 2006 and Futsal European Universities Championship in 2015, as well as nine other FISU and EUSA events, in various sports disciplines. Thus we can still guarantee the highest level of our work and the skillful organization of the next Futsal WUC. Welcome to Poznan in 2021!


KCz: Thank you for the interview. And wish you excellent FISU Futsal WUC in Poznan in 2021.

TS, PK: Thank you very much.